Living Berry Well, Without The Berry

Before Live Berry Well, I’ve tried to simply live well. On my quest to become a healthy and natural home, I began using essential oils to help with everyday ailments like bug bites, headaches, teething, and stress. I find a lot of satisfaction in finding ways that I can make my own simple medicinal products instead of buying over the counter products with unidentifiable ingredients.

A natural step past simple medicinal products is making cleaning products to cut chemicals out of routines. I love a clean kitchen and I tried for years to find a more plant-based product to clean my counters. I tried a few brands, never really in love with the results. One thing I know is that people can push essential oils into any cure and for every possible product. I decided to look on Pinterest for a simple cleaning product that was safe for granite counters and used my beloved OnGuard blend from Doterra.

I was delighted to come across an easy recipe with the added benefit of a side by side comparison of this recipe with bleach, hydrogen peroxide, vinegar, and store bought sprays. What I love is that this spray has rubbing alcohol in it, that smell alone just makes me feel like I’m truly cleaning. However, the OnGuard lends a wonderful, spicy smell that is very similar to my favorite scented candle. Oh and did I mention that it leaves my counters sparkling clean and streak free? Even better than when I used to buy expensive store-bought sprays!

Granite Spray
2 cups water
¼ cup rubbing alcohol
5 drops Dawn
10 drops OnGuard

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