Now Shipping Coast to Coast!

Now Shipping Coast to Coast!

We’ve finished our tests and quality checks, and everything has gone great! You will now see shipping options at checkout.

Over the past several months we’ve worked with a local packaging company to design a shipping box that can protect the glass bottles in shipping, without the need for any plastic bubble wrap. We’ve tested a dozen shipments and had zero bottles lost or damaged. While it takes an MBA to fold the origami boxes, we’re very excited to be able to offer shipping without the added waste that often comes with it.

Along the way, we learned that elderberry syrup can stay at room temperature for a week if it hasn’t been previously refrigerated.  This led us to the notion of making and shipping the same day. Shipping same-day cuts down on the deterioration of the elderberry syrup and also allows some local customers to have their orders delivered within 24-36 hours of bottling. We’ll be making fresh batches Monday thru Thursday for shipping orders.

Please keep in mind that we are shipping the elderberry syrup fresh, and you should refrigerate when you receive it.

We appreciate everyone’s support and overwhelming positive feedback that has helped make this the next step in an already amazing journey.

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