Convenience In Monthly Memberships

Convenience In Monthly Memberships

We’ve had the opportunity to meet and get to know hundreds of our customers over the past 12 months, and a large portion we’ve been able to really become acquainted with through our short conversations every month. It’s humbling to have known some of your children and have the opportunity to watch others go through their second and third trimesters. Although we greatly value these relationships, we are dedicated to making your life as stress free as possible.  It is because of this dedication that we decided to launch a monthly subscription option. While we hope that we still see everyone from time to time, this new option does come with shipping, and will hopefully take some of the stresses out of the current pick up model.

How It Works: 

Enjoy the benefits of elderberry syrup every month without the hassle of remembering to order, or driving to pick up. With the Live Berry Well Monthly Membership, we’ll ship your order every month without hassle, headache or traffic.

Set 1: Choose your recipe (Original or Echinacea)

Step 2: Choose the number of bottles per month that fits your family

Step 3: Checkout (this is where you’ll be able to select shipping as an option)

Every month we’ll send you fresh elderberry syrup to your door. Best of all, Save 10% with your membership program. You can manage your membership from your account at any time.


Processing & Shipping: 

For all items shipped, please note there may be a delay of 3-5 days prior to your order being processed. To minimize the stress on the elderberry syrup we create and ship your order same day, and will ship Monday thru Thursday to avoid any delays in shipping.


Upgrades & Changes: 

All of the subscriptions can be managed in your My Account section of the website. Once there, you’ll have the option to upgrade or downgrade your program, cancel the program, change your preferred payment or address, and even suspend the membership.

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