Lavender Salt Earache Remedy

Earaches are a common malady for young children, especially children who are teething. Most often, earaches will go away on their own, although, sometimes antibiotics are needed to clear up an infection. We recommend giving this a try at the onset of an earache but be sure to monitor for further signs of infection. Definitely see a doctor if symptoms get worse.

Like so many of our favorite at-home remedies, elderberry syrup included, this has been passed down from generation to generation. This particular remedy makes use of rock salt which holds onto the heat for a long period of time. The salt itself is also naturally drying, which helps to pull fluid from the painful ear. The lavender is naturally antibacterial while also helping to soothe and reduce inflammation. The scent of lavender also does wonders for calming and inducing restful sleep.

This remedy also works best when combined with garlic oil ear drops. The warm salt acts as the hot compress, letting the garlic oil really soak in and get to work.

Lavender Salt Earache Remedy Recipe

½ cup Himalayan rock salt

2 tablespoons dried lavender 

1 cotton muslin bag or a plain white sock

Fill the bag or sock with the salt and lavender, close tightly. Lay the bag in a pan over low heat until warmed through or place in the microwave for 30 seconds. Make sure the bag is warm enough to soothe but not too hot to burn. Place over the painful ear, reheating as necessary. Use garlic oil ear drops for added relief.

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