Garlic Oil Ear Drops

There’s a story behind all of our products that we carry. We bring each product forward after extensive research and personal experience. Our garlic oil ear drops are no different.

Our love for garlic oil goes hand in hand with our love for elderberry syrup, both found at the same time. You see, our oldest daughter was suffering from recurring ear infections. Her doctor prescribed antibiotics and we went along with it, not knowing any other options. He told us that she would need tubes in her ears if she had another ear infection. That floored us into the search for holistic remedies.

Garlic has many health benefits such as antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal properties. It also has anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties. Sounds like the perfect solution for ear infections, right?!

Finding the right garlic oil was tricky, though. Not many stores even knew what it was and, at the time, I could only find it online. I ordered what I could find and began using it immediately to treat her next ear infection. Two drops in each ear did the trick! Within a day, her ear didn’t hurt anymore and the subsequent sinus infection did not come back. 

 Fast forward a few years and I’ve found the perfect garlic oil, just the right consistency so it won’t drip too fast and the dropper is curved for easy drops into the ear canal. This brand is what we now offer our customers and always recommend to people looking for a natural solution to ear infections.

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