Benefits of Raw Honey

Natural sweeteners are pretty trendy at the moment. As more of us than ever focus on healthy lifestyles, options like agave and dates are becoming more commonplace. While most of us do still consume more than 150 pounds of refined sugar a year, we are making an effort to change. 

While these natural sweeteners are undoubtedly better than the refined sugar we’re used to, they aren’t all good news for health. In fact, agave nectar can contribute to high blood sugars and health complaints thanks to its high fructose content. Even dates have around 29 mg of fructose per cup, meaning they perhaps aren’t the guilt-free alternatives we’ve been assuming.

But, does that mean all-natural sweeteners let us down? Of course not! There are still healthy sweetening options which can help us improve taste without feeling the repercussions. And, raw honey is the best of them.

Unlike commercially processed honey, raw honey is taken straight from the hive, meaning that it’s free of harmful processes like chemical refinement and heating which removes the primary nutrients. And, it has healing and nutritional powers few other natural sweeteners can achieve. 

Of course, buying raw honey isn’t as easy as heading to your local supermarket. Most of the options you’ll find on their shelves are sure to be processed. But, if you buy from a trusted raw honey provider like Live Berry Well, you should soon find you can start enjoying the following raw honey benefits.

#1 A Genuinely Healthy Sugar Alternative

As mentioned, many of the sugar alternatives we’ve been loving lately are pretty bad for us. Though they may not do the same amount of damage as refined sugar, they often aren’t far off. That’s especially the case when you consider that many of us use more of these products than we might regular sugar in the belief that they’re better for us. The result? An even higher blood sugar level than we might have had otherwise!

With raw honey, you can do away with those unpleasant surprises. That’s because this is a genuinely healthy sugar alternative. So much so that the consumption of raw honey has been linked to weight loss in a study by San Diego State University. The same study found a significant decrease in blood sugar levels. This can result in lower risks of issues such as obesity and diabetes. With regular raw honey consumption also linked to appetite-suppressant hormones, you could benefit from eating more raw honey rather than less. It isn’t often that you can say that about any other natural sweetener on the market!

#2 Unbeatable Allergy Benefits

Much like our Organic Elderberry Syrup, raw honey can also work as a fantastic natural allergy suppressant. It could even provide immunity to issues such as pollen allergies. That’s because raw honey is created when bees go from flower to flower, meaning pollen plays a significant part in the production. When you eat raw honey, you may find you become immune to the irritation you’re used to as your body adjusts to pollen in your local area. That makes raw honey a fantastic option for seasonal allergy relief. 

Bear in mind that you need to ensure you’re investing in raw honey before you can feel this benefit, as processed options don’t contain the same levels of pollen. Once you’ve bought raw honey from a trusted seller, though, a tablespoon a day could see you fighting fit, even during those days when the pollen count is at its highest.

#3 Dealing with Digestive Issues

As our awareness of general health increases, so does our knowledge about various digestive issues and the toll they can take. Problems like gluten intolerance are, rightly, gaining the attention they deserve right now. But, did you know that raw honey could also go a long way towards helping your digestion?

That’s because raw honey is prebiotic, and can nourish the good bacteria in your gut and intestines, which can help both your digestive and general health. It’s thought, then, that around two tablespoons of raw honey a day can help to keep issues like inflammation and diarrhea at bay. 

#4 An Energy Boost and a Good Night’s Sleep

Raw honey can both boost your energy levels and send you to sleep. It may seem like a contradiction, but there are solid reasons as to why honey is fit for both purposes. For one, it is a sweetener which consists of 80% natural sugars, as well as 2% of various vitamins, minerals, and proteins. That makes it the perfect product for providing easily absorbable energy. So much so that the University of Memphis Exercise and Sports Nutrition Laboratory have found that raw honey is the best carbohydrate to consume just before exercise, making this a must for any athletes out there.

But, how exactly does a good night’s sleep come into things? Strangely, one of the reasons that raw honey is good for sleep is the same reason that it’s good for exercise. That sugar boost right before bed can stop your body from waking up hungry and in search of fuel during the night. And, that isn’t the only sleep benefit to be found in raw honey. That’s because this kind of honey can also help foster the release of melatonin in the brain. Melatonin which, by the way, can help to rebuild tissue to ensure that you feel more rested when you wake. And, all it takes is a spoon or so of raw honey at the end of the day. 

#5 A Boost for your Immune System

In few cases can you say that a sweetener of any kind can help to boost your immune system. But, that’s precisely what you can expect when you start using raw honey as a standard part of your diet. That’s because raw honey has been proven to raise levels of health-boosting antioxidants within your body. These can help to protect you from disease, thus boosting your immune system and helping you to fight off a whole array of nasty illnesses. 

Some studies even suggest that regular raw honey consumption can help you with more than just the odd cold and virus. According to some, the strengthened ability to fight free radicals which comes from raw honey consumption can help to prevent everything from aging to cancer. And, all for the price of a sweet treat on your part. What’s not to love about that?

#6 An All-round Wound Healer

Most of us associate honey with eating, rather than soaking on our bandages. But, it’s a little-known secret that raw honey can, in fact, aid the healing of various wounds and scrapes when applied to dressings. Manuka honey is widely used in medical settings for this exact reason and is proven to be an effective germ killer, as well as working to aid tissue regeneration. Not to mention that some studies have shown raw honey to be efficient in killing bacteria, which can lead to infections where open wounds are concerned. 

Whether you have a cut or a burn, then, don’t limit yourself to the chemicals you can find in your medicine cabinet. Instead, apply raw honey either directly to the wound or on your dressings every 24-48 hours. You might just find that this is the miracle wound cure you’ve always wanted in your life. 

#7 A Dark Horse For Diabetes

The idea of talking about any sweetener in the avoidance or aiding of diabetes can seem like madness. Surely you should be avoiding all sweet things wherever possible? Or, perhaps not. There have now been a fair few studies into the impact raw honey can have on both the prevention and treatment of diabetes. And, the results have been mainly in favor. That’s because raw honey increases insulin and decreases hyperglycemia in the same way that other diabetes treatments do. And, of course, using raw honey in place of sugar and other harmful sweetening products can entirely prevent the onset of issues like diabetes.

Studies conducted in Dubai show that raw honey is particularly effective when paired with cinnamon, as cinnamon can work to counteract any glucose in the honey, ensuring that you get only the good stuff for helping you to manage this condition naturally. 

#8 A Natural Cough Soother

It might come as no surprise to you that honey can help to soothe a sore throat. Hot honey drinks or honey-based cough medicines have been around for decades now. What you might not realize is that most medicines use raw honey, and you could benefit from doing the same. This is mostly because honey reduces mucus, and thus prevents further irritation to your throat. Even better, it’s a natural alternative to many of the medicines you may have been relying on up until now. 

Raw Honey Risks To Be Aware Of

While raw honey is a natural and healthy alternative to potentially harmful medications, there are still some rules you’ll want to follow to ensure the healthy consumption of your raw honey products. That is, after all, the only way to feel their benefits in full. Some things to bear in mind before you start using raw honey include – 

  • No raw honey before 12 months
    While raw honey is fantastic for adults and older children, it can be harmful to anyone under 12 months and should be avoided altogether. That’s because there’s strong evidence to suggest that raw honey contains botulism spores which can cause botulism poisoning in those with underdeveloped or compromised immune systems. Symptoms of poisoning can be severe and include constipation, lethargy, and slow breathing. As such, it’s best to avoid all use.
  • Don’t take if you have a bee allergy
    It’s also vital that you avoid raw honey if you have a bee allergy, and make sure not to give raw honey to children who may have allergies. That’s because this product is not treated in any way, but is merely sifted before bottling to remove any bee debris. That means anyone with an allergy could have a severe reaction to consumption.
  • Watch your doses
    Raw honey might be about the best natural sweetener on the market, but it’s still vital to watch your doses. Overdoing things can lead to everything from nausea to dizziness, and even more extreme health implications. 

As long as you take care with how you’re using raw honey, this could well be the natural sweetener you’ve been waiting for. If you’re ready for a healthier life, don’t hesitate to try it today. 

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